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Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Shake Up Your Regular Morning Business Routine

November 3, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


It was 6 a.m. on a beautiful dark fall morning with only the city lights to guide me and my new pack of female running friends from our townhouse on the Upper East side past Park Avenue shops to the bright lights of the Today Show patio. It was our last day together at a small, intimate conference for and we wanted to do something different to start our day.

I have been to New York City a few times in my life but never experienced it at the break of dawn running past bellmen washing down sidewalks, residents walking their dogs and other runners getting in a morning run. We arrived at the Today Show just in time to possibly be interviewed for their Halloween Show only to be told were too many other New York City Marathon runners in the group so they passed on interviewing us. We were disappointed but excited to have tried to get on the show.

NYCBaldiniRunOn the return route home, we decided to run through Central Park instead of the sidewalks only to find groups of international runners in packs warming up for the marathon together. My enthusiastic house mates decided to high five as many of them as they could to welcome them to America. To our surprise, we ended up running for a tiny bit with the 2004 Olympic male marathon champion Stephano Baldini, a handsome and gracious guy who enjoyed our “paparazzi” approach to running in the park that morning.

As I begin another regular business day at my familiar desk with my long list of duties to promote women entrepreneurs, I realize looking back on that morning that more entrepreneurs need to shake up their typical work week by doing something unpredictable. The energy of doing something brand new, beyond our imagination and mindset once in a while can give us a new energy that lasts for months.

NYCGroupI challenge all my entrepreneurial friends to commit to doing something new once a month to jumpstart their business day. It could be a morning run, a new yoga class, a breakfast seminar with a special speaker or an unexpected client meeting over coffee. There are countless ways to pack new energy into your regular business day. Change your setting. Change the people you are with. Change your attitude and then be fueled by the long lasting positive emotions.

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