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Seeing Your Name in Print

November 11, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


I opened my Twitter account to find 15 retweets of my blog post called “The Pinnacle of Business Success” along with 4 people I didn’t know who included a link to the blog post in their national online newspapers. Immediately I was grateful for people who enjoy my business writing and the fact there are millions of people, not only national or local media, looking for articles for their print publications. The explosion of social media has made it easier than ever before to see your name in print.

20 years ago when I opened the doors to my first business, the newspaper was filled with stories written by paid columnists. If you hoped to see your name in print you needed a miracle to have a columnist write about you. I worked hard to develop warm relationships with journalists by becoming a resource to them in women entrepreneurship as it rose in popularity. In return, I would periodically see my company name in print after submitting press releases sent directly to my new media friends. Like anything in life, it took time to develop these special relationships.

The Yin and Yang of the dawn of social and online media has been the drastic declines in traditional print newspapers but the increase in online ones. Never before has it been easier to get company news in print….online print. If traditional local news was looking for content to fill blank pages all the time, envision the number of opportunities there are across the globe today with people looking to fill their blogs, online newspapers, websites, Twitter accounts and Facebook feeds with someone else’s copy.

In Oprah‘s words, “If there is one thing I know for sure…” it is women entrepreneurs have more print and publicity options today than they ever had before. Today you can self-publish your own book, create your own business blog, submit posts to other national blog sites, and tweet your posts and have them picked up globally. Every time your name is in print today whether online or in traditional publications, it can be shared with millions of people across the world through the Internet.

PR2Today I encourage you to think larger when it comes to getting your name in print. Have you been using a combination of paid advertising, press releases, blog posts, online news sources and even traditional media to get information on your company in print? It needs to become a priority if it isn’t now. Like any business area, it takes focus, education and practice to become good at it. Maybe today is the day you set the goal to commit to intentionally garnering attention for your business in traditional and online print.

If you need the inspiration or knowledge to get you started, next week at a special Women TIES event we have 2 women joining me in sharing our “print expertise” to help other women entrepreneurs become more successful in their own efforts. It might be the perfect first step in your goal to see your name in print more often in 2016.

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