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“The Way Life Should Be” for Women Entrepreneurs

September 16, 2015

Business inspiration and wisdom for women entrepreneurs


On the edge of the infinity pool, the water flowed over into an unseen space collecting itself and refilling the pool when needed. In the distance the open sea with rugged rocky surroundings and sparkling sunshine rested on its waters. Steam rose from the heated pool warming my head cooled by the mid-coast Maine mist. When I finally left the sanctuary of the beautiful view and relaxing place, I was ready to embark on two days of detailed wedding coordination for my brother getting married at a rock altar overlooking the sea. I was rejuvenated and ready to work to make the day extra special for him.

Two days later at the reception I found myself huddled in a corner of a quaint reception hall, strung with white lights, overlooking lobster boats in the Rockport, Maine harbor with my 5 sisters. We reminisced, laughed and enjoyed the moment of being all together. There is something so simply refreshing and joyful about being surrounded by other women, as if time stands still, happiness overflows and all is right with the world.

As I drove back late Monday night from our family wedding, the images from the pool and being with my sisters reminded me of why I create an annual conference for women. It is to bring them together for one special day where they can rejuvenate their own spirits, tantalize their minds with success strategies and enjoy time with their “sister” entrepreneurs. The intent is when they leave the event, just like when I left Maine; they are refreshed, enlightened and ready to work again.

There are many choices in life and any invitations to participate in special events. Like a family wedding, there can be an obligation to attend; but many don’t come with mandatory circumstances. Sometimes we are drawn to an event because we know we need to learn from what it offers. We are called to embark in an experience knowing it is right for us because the urge to participate arises within.

sistersweddingI hope right now you are inspired to rest for a moment in the spaces I described above to feel peace, joy and sisterhood. Our fast paced entrepreneurial lives doesn’t allow us many down days and our solo business settings can keep us separated from women who are living life as we do. I hope the images above relax you. I also hope you answer the question, “When is the last time I took time for myself to enjoy a day away to replenish myself so I come back ready to work?”

I can tell you from my recent Maine excursion that the joy from a personal experience can spill into your own pool of wellness opening up your mind and spirit to a new way of feeling and reconnecting to yourself and others like you. Maine’s motto is “The way life should be.” I say “It is the way women entrepreneur’s lives should be.”

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  1. September 16, 2015 8:42 pm

    There is definitely something special in taking time to share a moment (or two) with other women. I have had some wonderful moments like this with my friends, sister, and especially my daughter!


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