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Serendipitous Business Moments – How They Help You Succeed

September 8, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Serendipity is found in many situations in business and life…..

Little did I know when I became a woman entrepreneur 2 decades ago that technology would become such an essential part of running a business. Technology didn’t exist when my parent’s ran their Ski Shop in the early 1970’s. Technology was just starting to make its way into my high school when I graduated in the early 1980s. In fact it intrigued me so much that I went to SUNY Oswego as a computer science major when “punch cards” were how you communicated with computers. It was a subject I never mastered so I changed to business.

As I became a woman entrepreneur in 1995, I had a small amount of knowledge from my higher education job using email, excel and databases. Not many companies had websites. In fact at the end of 1994 statistics say there were only 10,000 websites in existence. So when I launched my first website in 1996 for Five Star Events, I was taking advantage of new technology not many women entrepreneurs used.

As years advanced, so did the multitude of ways to communicate, promote and connect with customers, vendors and associates through technology. There was nothing you could do as a small business owner but learn fast about new ways to use it to better in your company. As many entrepreneurs know, it is hard to take time away from one’s company to learn new technology when keeping clients happy, bringing in revenue and marketing your company is at the top of the priority list.

tech_trendsSo when I realized one day that my initials were “T.E.C.H.” and I was behind the learning curve when it came to new technology to advance my business, I saw the serendipity and committed to offering more programs on the subject like the one we are offering at our annual conference for women entrepreneurs on October 1st, to read about new technologies and to hire professionals to help me in this area.

Today’s blog post is to remind you that if you don’t know vital topics in business you must dedicate time and resources to learn, especially if others are succeeding by using specific tools, programs and strategies that are working well.

I sure do wish my initials were “P.R.” or “M.K.T.” since that is what I excel at but maybe serendipitous moments are meant to shine a light on something we must focus harder on learning to improve our lives.

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