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Using Your Voice and Personal Passion to Institute Change

September 3, 2015

Business advice, wisdom and inspiration for women entrepreneurs


The flavor of this week’s blog posts has been women’s rights. Sprinkled in this 7 year old blog has been business success strategies, insight into current affairs, inspiration from other women entrepreneurs and feministic topics. It was impossible to start a new business day without recapping the words of New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who keynoted the “Women’s Day Luncheon” at yesterday’s New York State Fair.

Gillibrand reminded the sold out crowd of mostly women, “Women still have much to do to make sure they are treated equally.” She asked women to ponder whether they have a cause they are championing, a societal issue they want changed or action to pursue based on an unfair situation in the workplace, schoolroom or society. “Your voice does matter and you can achieve change,” she told the crowd.

Gillibrand shared her personal work in trying to push through the Family Act which would give every American worker access to paid family and medical leave. She also shared her passion to continue the fight to get military sexual assault reform legislation through the Senate. It has failed in the past but after having 2 women personally tell her about their sexual assault cases, Gillibrand is motivated to keep trying to get the legislation passed.

morninglightlavendarToday I hope you are inspired to tally up the causes you have championed over your lifetime reflecting on your personal impact on them. Feel proud about how you have made a difference. If you feel you have not contributed enough, start today by joining an organization, getting involved in making changes in our laws or using your unique passion to start a new movement.

Every change in our world starts somewhere, typically with one person. Maybe today is the day you start something beneficial to change the world for the better and positively impact thousands of individuals lives.

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