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Women Entrepreneurs – What Do You Stand For?

September 2, 2015

Business advice and entrepreneurial wisdom for women entrepreneurs


Last Wednesday, after sending the Wednesday Wisdom, my social media marketing pages was flooded with quotes and photos from a multitude of women sharing the “Women’s Equality Day” holiday with me. The holiday was created to commemorate the granting of women’s right to vote on August 26, 1920 when the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution became law.

It made me proud my business brand is so strongly associated with women’s equality – especially women’s pay equality – since I have worked to bring women entrepreneurs together for 20 years to buy and sell with each other to increase their sales potential individually and collectively as a group. I know creating a stronger financial buying circle today will benefit the women and girls of the next generation.

Yesterday when I was asked to speak at an event, I was questioned about the origin of my strong personal and business brand. I said, “It has never mattered to me whether I was supporting a woman who was 30 or 65, black or white, straight or gay, running a small business or multi-million dollar corporation, all I have strived to do is help any woman market her company, increase her sales potential and encourage buying among women to equal the financial playing field that still exists today.”

I am constantly questioned about my strong feministic stance about women and money and whether I fear being so strongly identified with my belief. Today’s quote on a favorite inspirational calendar explains, “At the deepest level of the mind there are no problems, only fear; there are no conflicts, only fear; and there is not lack, only fear. Success is letting go of fear.” I have no fear of people questioning my opinion, my focus and my intention to support women only. I cannot be swayed; it is rooted in who I am. I know success comes from letting go of other people’s judgments and stepping strongly into your own light of what you want to change in the world.

FearToday I challenge you to ask yourself what higher level of entrepreneurial success you could achieve if you let go of fear – fear of failure, fear of other people’s opinion, fear of investing too much, fear of standing strong in your own personal mission, and fear of changing the world for the better? Every time you are brave stepping into your own light, the sooner you will face success and contentment.

Bask in your own strong personal brand today and remember mine by continuing to deposit your money into the hands, pocket books, bank accounts and future of other women. Together we can sail into the future being as financial successful as men.

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  1. September 2, 2015 12:45 pm

    Hear, hear! It can be scary to really stand up for your beliefs and core values. After all, there are probably many out there that will disagree with you. The real strength is in understanding and accepting that is okay. Many times women are afraid of rocking the boat or of having people not like them. For me, worrying about that is simply too stressful. Instead, I run my life and my company totally in line with what I believe. That is the absolute best thing about being an entrepreneur!


  2. September 3, 2015 1:56 pm

    Good for you Kimberly for rocking your own boat and not worrying about any one elses! We have too little time to worry about what others think. I have always lived with strong intentions to make a difference in this world. It sounds like you do the same! Cheers.


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