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Monday Motivation: Take A Leap of Faith

September 21, 2015

Business advice and inspiration for women entrepreneurs


Every Monday morning I awaken to a new work week, well rested from the weekend and eager to take a leap of faith into a new challenge. As a woman entrepreneur that new challenge might be trying to secure a meeting with an “unreachable” businesswoman, contacting local media to get your business news on television, or committing to a larger monthly revenue goal which starts with cold calls today.

A leap of faith is an act of believing in or accepting something intangible.. People who take a leap of faith believe in their ability to achieve the unachievable because the risk is worth the reward.

Last week I committed to a very large personal and professional challenge which will take me to New York City for four days to meet and reside with an International female icon and 13 other women from around the nation and globe. The experience will test my comfort level; but I am propelled to be there. I will take a leap of faith knowing I will understand better why I am embarking on the experience once I’m living it.

Today’s post is to motivate you this Monday to take a leap of faith in your business or personal life, to jump off the ledge into something new, to challenge yourself to be more than you are at the moment, and to embrace challenges knowing you will change for the better. Fearlessness breeds freedom.

What leap of faith are you ready to make this Monday morning? I hope you do what you are dreaming of understanding you are never alone because every day somewhere another person is taking their own leap of faith….and succeeding.

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