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Business Advice: Stretch More Than You Can Reach

June 30, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


“Stretch more than you can reach” was the theme of this morning’s podcast message. As a runner, I always have to stretch before I start. I also have to stretch in the middle of my day when I’ve been sitting at my computer promoting women entrepreneurs. But this morning’s podcast wasn’t about stretching in those two circumstances; it was about stretching higher in your business life.

Every dawn of a new day allows us the chance to stretch beyond our comfort area by making cold calls, asking investors for money, hiring new staff, planning future events and pitching media to cover our story. Stretching might mean implementing new services or products, expanding our territory or meeting with an industry leader for advice. I know the days I stretch, rather than shrink in opportunities I try to attain, the better I feel at the end of the day – no matter whether the outcomes are positive or negative. It is about risk. It is about stretching.

When you prepare for a race or an exercise, you know stretching truly makes the experience more enjoyable, its true in business too. Aiming higher and risking takes us to a different emotional state – a better one – especially when the outcome is positive. Today, I hope you stretch more than you shrink back from risks, duties and new projects. Push forward. Reach for something you haven’t reached for in awhile. Turn a fear into a possibility. Stretch.

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