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Business Success: Monthly Measurements

July 1, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


As the rain continues to stream down my window pane, I hear the Weather Channel announce “This June is the third rainiest on record in Syracuse.” Somehow my flooded pond, overflowing pool, and saturated lawn hinted at that truth. In our beautiful New York world of deep, rich green lawns and leaves with knee high corn, we have been living with water abundance as our friends to the west wish for it.

I typically analyze my company’s progress annually but rarely monthly. I do not focus on which business month is my best revenue producing one or the highest amount of event attendees or the most hits on my social media. I tend to review my business quarterly or semi-annually. This morning’s weather report made me think I should pay more attention to comparing months to each other.

If we critiqued each month before another one started, we would have a better idea where we stand in our business. If we knew we had the best sales period, the most hits to our blog or landed more PR than we have before, we would praise our efforts. If we discovered instead that we had the slowest revenue producing month, our phones rang 50% less than the month before and our website hits were decreasing, we would feel compelled to analyze why and implement changes.

Today’s post is to inspire you to commit to analyzing the past month, three months or first half of your year in business. Is your company on track with your goals? If not, what needs to happen to get it on track? Are there outside factors, like a super soggy forecast, ruining your business this summer? If so, what else can you do to turn your sales around? If June was the most successful month you had than celebrate and decide to duplicate your efforts with higher goals for July.

My aspiration is to start analyzing my company’s progress every 30th of the month keeping track of its challenges and opportunities. There is no way to critique your success if you don’t monitor it frequently. If you need extra inspiration, turn on the Weather Channel for an update. My hope is for you to create your own sunny business forecast the rest of the year.

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