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Celebrating Today’s Rainbow Decision

June 26, 2015


Today’s Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage throughout the United States is being celebrated by many people on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. I am one of them and I will tell you why.

When my cousin, who was like my brother and only a year apart in age, was in his twenties two decades ago he confided in my mother that he was gay. He wanted my mother to tell my sister and I in fear we might not understand. When my mother told me my reaction was, “I am so happy for him knowing that and being able to tell people.” When he called me a short time later to ask me how I felt about his revelation I said “I love you. I have always loved you and I will always love you. Nothing will change that.” It was simply the truth and how I hoped everyone would have reacted, but not everyone did because it was twenty years ago not 2015.

I have always wanted to protect my cousin from people who would not or could not understand. I was so thankful when the world started becoming more accepting of gay and lesbian people. I have wanted it for him and others I have met. People I have respected and loved. No one in my opinion should ever suffer due to other people’s opinions of them.

I have loved the symbol of the rainbow since I was born. I have always thought I loved it because it was a symbol of hope. I now look at the rainbow knowing it will always be a sign of hope, love and the Supreme Court making the right decision for the people we love in our lives.

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