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What New Drafted NBA Players and Small Business Owners Should Remember Today

June 26, 2015

Business advice for small business and women entrepreneurs


As I watched the NBA draft last night, I couldn’t help but notice the excitement, nervousness and trepidation on the faces of the college basketball players waiting to be drafted. I reminded me back to when my son was trying out for an important basketball team with the same look and feeling. It was interesting that when he was not chosen to play for a team he had dreamed about, he questioned his abilities.

Two weeks later he had a chance to try out for another team and was selected to play for them. Little did he know, the coach of that team and the style of the team that suited him perfectly. A few months later when he won the most valuable player award for one of the tournaments, I rejoiced knowing that he was playing for exactly the team he needed to play with. When he became captain of the team and took on a leadership role the sentiment remained.

ThomasandMeBostonGarden2I have always loved basketball especially since my father was an avid player in high school and then played a year in college. He later became a basketball coach and I was next to him cheering on his teams. We later watched our favorite team the Boston Celtics play with Larry Bird and the gang. When my son decided to go to college at Boston College, he wasn’t big enough to play for a Division One school but he became their manager for four years and loved every minute of it. He also visited the Boston Garden to watch his mother’s and grandfather’s favorite team. I was with him and his grandfather was there in spirit. He was once again given an opportunity to be around the sport he loved but in a different capacity than he envisioned.

Today’s sports inspiration is to remind small business owners and women entrepreneurs we must remain open to similar situations in our lives. We don’t always get chosen to land the biggest business contracts. Sometimes losing one proposal provides an even better client opportunity we wouldn’t have gotten if we were selected by the first one. When in doubt we must trust that as long as we have passion and pride in what we do and what we offer, we will always be exactly where we need to be.

I hope the new NBA players remember that as they embark to their new destinations today whether they are playing for the team of their dreams or not. I also hope all entrepreneurs remember the lesson to. What counts is what we put into every opportunity we are given.

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