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What Business Owners Owe Their Customers

June 22, 2015

Business Advice for for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


When two unplanned essential decisions popped up before 8 a.m. this morning in the midst of a full plate of business duties in front of me, I did what most people would do – I focused on the problems, searched my mind for solutions, and reached out to professionals that could help. Makes sense right? I was using logic to overcome a couple sudden emotional situations in order to fix the unexpected scenarios.

I had an immediate solution to the first case due to an understanding party who did not know me who helped create a resolution. I was hopeful the second situation could be resolved the same way. Unfortunately the person I reached about the second situation reacted totally opposite. The conversation went wrong the instant the person on the phone demanded I do something I couldn’t do because it depended on someone else’s immediate input.

The more I tried to explain I couldn’t fix the situation the way they demanded, the longer they stayed on the phone trying to force me to change my mind. With the phone extended out from my ear as far as I could make it, I listened for 10 minutes before they realized I wasn’t responding anymore. I don’t believe in hanging up on anyone so my arm just got tired.

When I got off the phone I wondered when this vendor who has received business from me for 5 years forgot who they were talking to – a valued client. When the situation couldn’t resolve itself to their liking, putting their interests first, I gave up on the call and on that vendor for the future. Two phone calls later I was able to find someone who didn’t know me who could resolve the issue by simply agreeing to help me on the terms I had to deal with.

As women entrepreneurs or small businesses, we must never forget the customer is right. We must strive to take the problem off their plate to the best of our abilities. We must be flexible with our time in a problem situation. We must be understanding and go beyond our own agenda to resolve an issue. We must listen. We must remember we aren’t right – the customer is right – pure and simple.

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