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Moved to Make a Million in Sales

June 23, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


The first time I heard the word “million dollars” I remember exactly where I was. I was in Florida on vacation in 1985 staying with my aunt in one of the two condos she owned. She was a self schooled entrepreneur who wisely learned to invest the money my Uncle made as a doctor into more money. She would buy up properties, restore them and flip them. She had houses all over Florida. My favorite one was on a beach in Daytona Beach with all glass fronts looking out on the ocean. She held onto that one as high rises were going up around the house on the beach. She finally sold it for a half million dollar profit.

My aunt was the first person who applauded me when I started my business ten years later. She told me I had to work hard. I had to take risks. I had to be skeptical and trusting at the same time. I must admit, I have not hit the million dollar sales mark, most likely because I have never sold products or services that were highly expensive like real estate. I’m like 97% of small businesses that don’t earn a million in sales. I have been a service business moved by passion and a mission to help other women make money which I have done successfully for 20 years.

So I am always fascinated in listen to women who have hit the lofty million dollar mark to learn how they did it. Was it the price of what they sell? Is it the pure number of customers they services? Were they in the right place at the right time? Did they invest wisely? What is the “key” to their success? We know their key to success could be ours some day if we really want it.

For 20 years I have planned finance programs between the marketing, sales, accounting and law programs and they are never as well attended. It must be that women either don’t want to be millionaires, don’t think they can become one or are running their companies on their own terms keeping them small.

I have no doubt every woman entrepreneur is where she needs to be but I am always hoping to inspire them to higher levels of financial success through Women TIES programs and services and putting them in front of successful million dollar in sales entrepreneurs. I hope you step your sales game up a notch today and envision that house in Florida someday when you are inspiring a younger generation.

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