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Women’s Herstory: The New $10 Bill

June 18, 2015

Business inspiration for women entrepreneurs and female business owners


I loved the title of this morning’s article, “Treasury to put a woman on the $10 bill” because it ties into a recent conversation I had with a woman in Seneca Falls who portrays Elizabeth Cady Stanton who was an American suffragist, social activist, abolitionist, and leading figure of the early women’s rights movement.

ElizabethCadyStantonTracy Elizabeth Cady Stanton is often credited with initiating the first organized women’s rights and women’s suffrage movements in the United States. I had the fortune to meet the actress who portrays her when I received an award from PBS Station WCNY “Women Who Make American Award” at the Women’s Rights Park in March. We have struck up a kinship since the event because she moved me with the words she said to me after the award ceremony, “Tracy, I am so glad there are women like you today who are continuing the fight for women’s rights and equal pay.”

I know I wasn’t speaking to the real Elizabeth Cady Stanton but it sure felt like I was. The actress learned about my passion as an advocate, supporter and promoter of women entrepreneurs the past 20 years bringing them together to market their companies to earn more money. My “feministic” belief that women should buy from women, first and foremost, has been my unique and passionate brand.

My company Women TIES exists to foster the economic “ties” between women living across New York State. It is my way to help level the financial playing field in today’s business climate just like Elizabeth Cady Stanton did years ago.

Having a ten dollar bill with a woman’s face on it, represents to me, the power women have to spend their money and invest their financial future with other women every single opportunity they get. I will continue to preach my message of women buying from women, first and foremost, until we are equal to men in what we earn and make.

As soon as a woman is on the $10 bill, I might have to make all my events and membership dues in $10 increments just so I can see the face of an American woman being exchanged through my business.

You can vote for the woman you want on the $10 bill when the Treasury announces their new website for the campaign by using hash tag #TheNew10. I am sure you can guess who I will be voting for – #ElizabethCadyStanton.

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  1. June 19, 2015 4:43 pm

    Congratulations on your award and TIES to women’s empowerment! Who is the actress who plays ECS and does she have a website? My vote would be Dr. Alice Paul – author of the Equal Rights Amendment to include women in the US Constitution. This amendment holds the power of the 14th amendment that ended racial discrimination to end sex discrimination, is nearly 100 years old and just three states away from passage. If only women knew this reality and where they might invest their $10 bills! Keep up the great work!


    • July 11, 2015 8:36 pm

      Sorry for the late response Women Rock! The woman who plays ECS is a Seneca Falls instructor named Melinda Grube. She is will be the opening speaker at my annual Retreat for women entrepreneurs on October 1st in Skaneateles, NY. I can send you her contact information if you want it. Let me know. I am happy to share the information with my membership about being 3 states away from the end to sex discrimination. Which states are they? Thank you for connecting. Tracy


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