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Blogging: A Recipe for Success

June 17, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Descriptions of lemon cake with blueberry drizzle, slow baked sauteed spinach, bacon and feta cheese soufflé, chicken saltimbocca with melty fontina and Italian style kumquat mojito seep slowly into my inbox every day just as my stomach is growling for a business break. These recipes are not coming a Food Network star or Better Homes and Gardens but from one of our members, who in my opinion, has one of the most creative, beautiful, well written blogs on the Internet today.

This Italian-American woman, who has lived her entire life in Central New York, married her best friend of 27 years and who treasures 3 beautiful children became a “foodie” before the term was coined. Her career was in education until she became an emptynester two years ago at the same time her creative eye and palate inspired a food blog. Within a short period of time, she has perfected the blogging recipe of success by increasing her followers substantially, creating new national partnerships and using social media marketing like an old pro.

I am asked all the time how I have created and written 10 years of 52 inspirational “Women TIES Wednesday Wisdom” editorials every year for <women entrepreneurs I have admitted some mornings writing is easy because I am inspired by a topic, person, subject or experience. Other times I stare out my window praying for inspiration to write. It always comes if I give it enough time. Starting my blog in 2008 was a relatively fresh concept and it has become one of the best attributes of my company because it increases my brand name and reach.

Today’s post is to inspire you to consider writing more so you can host your own creative blog. It is also to motivate you to learn more about the benefits of using a blog as a marketing tool and increasing your views and search engine optimization. Remember you have business and personal insights to share with the world; you just need to pull your own wisdom up and commit to share it in written form.

I did not go to school for writing just like Annie Sageer of Ciao Chow Bambina, did not go to school to become a foodie, sometimes in life good things transpire from pure inspiration and interest. Make sure you are tapping into all the creative juices that flow through you. There might be one that creates a perfect recipe of success for you and your company.

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  1. June 19, 2015 2:19 pm

    I always say that starting my blog was the best business decision I have ever made. It definitely helps get me recognized and helps my reputation. I am glad that you have stuck with it as I enjoy your articles very much! Keep ’em coming!

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  2. June 19, 2015 3:11 pm

    You are a great writer and have wonderful information to share too Kimberly. More women need to remember why blogs are important. Thank you for sharing.


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