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Champagne Style Public Relations

January 18, 2015

Business and Marketing Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


As I type this blog post the brilliant Maroon5Vevo called “Sugar” is playing quite loudly on my computer making my fingers dance across the keyboard. As of this morning, the video has received 32,911,748 views. I might just be the 48 views in that number.

It could be my love for catchy music, my 30 year event planning experience or simply my love for flashy marketing ideas that make me want to go back time and again to sample, listen and experience the video. Don’t you agree that effective marketing creates that kind of powerful appeal? Every business in every industry strives to create marketing that tantalizes the consumer, It is not just the music industry or the Super bowl.

adamlevine2 I am positive half of the appeal of the video is Adam Levine’s charming personality which has catapulted in popularity over the years in the music industry and on the popular show The Voice. The other half of the attraction of the video is successfully producing a marketing piece that makes everyone who watches it happy. After viewing it, you will dream, like so many people, that Maroon5 surprised you at the next wedding you attend.

As a small business owner or woman entrepreneur, you might wonder how you can use the positive vibes from this marketing experiment and turn it into ‘pop’ for your company. We listed a few creative ideas you could use:

* First of all, watch the video. and feel the energy from it. As you listen to it a few times (or 62), use the feeling it gives you to create some fun marketing ideas related to your own business. Just dream them up for a few minutes.

* After you’ve dreamed up a few, go to Google and search for similar industry ideas for your company. The Internet is full of really cool examples of what others in your trade are doing through marketing, events, programs and parties.

* Pick a date at least 3 months from now to debut your idea. If it is a relatively small event, 3 months is enough time to plan and promote. If it’s a larger function, give yourself 6 to 9 months to coordinate. Today commit to wanting to do something fun for your customers, your company and yourself and pencil in a date.

* There are many event planners and marketing professionals who can help you create and implement a fun, unique visual corporate event, coordinate the details and even promote it for you.

I hope right now you listen to the Maroon5 video and envision your own champagne style public relations gig to get everyone talking, sharing the news and even dancing in their seats!

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