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Business Inspiration: Releasing What’s Negative

January 15, 2015

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


As I raced to my mailbox this morning in the ten below zero temperatures, I found every ounce of my being contracting to keep the freezing air from entering my body. When I got back inside I found myself still clinched up until I sat in front of my fireplace for a couple minutes. It’s astounding that a one minute outside experience was lasting way longer than it needed to last.

Holding on too tightly to anything “negative” is unnecessary – especially in business. Whether it’s the disappointment of a lost client, the end of a collaborative relationship or the dissatisfaction of not achieving a goal, we must not tighten up, cling too long or “freeze up” because we are only harming ourselves. The act of acknowledging, letting go, and setting a new course is much more productive and healthy.

It has been two weeks since the New Year began. Are you still feeling hopeful for a good business year? Are you still working the plan, taking action every day and making those sales call you promised yourself you’d make more this year? Are you feeling mentally strong and supported? If not, there is plenty of time to get right back on track. You actually have until January 23rd, according to experts, since it is the date most people feel the most dejected on because they haven’t stuck to their New Year’s resolutions.

Every day is a new day. Every dream has a beginning and an end. Somewhere between the dawn and dusk, the start and the finish, is hope that what we want to accomplish, what we dream, what we desire is possible. All things are achievable if we refocus.

Today’s message is meant to encourage you this morning, to not allow the frigid temperatures or maybe your own attitude, to tighten you up so much that you can’t work optimistically on the work in front of you. There will be a day very soon when the warmth of the summer air will envelop you making you feel like anything is possible. It is days like today when we must hold onto that feeling, our hope, and our plan and move forward.

There is still time – plenty of time – to achieve what you want to achieve. Today is a new day – a beautiful cold, new day. Nothing is impossible if you believe and live today with only positive thoughts for a bright future.

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