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Getting on “Track” for Business Success

January 21, 2015

Business Advice and Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs


As I began an atypical morning journey, I glided on skies past a herd of deer who didn’t expect to see me in their forest, over a wooden bridge above frozen water and through pencil straight evergreen trees. The 3 degree temperature, gentle silence of the forest and rushing endorphins pulsing through me provided an equal sense of exhilaration and peace on my 5 mile ski trip. In today’s world of hyperactivity, especially in the life of a woman entrepreneur when we can work ourselves to death, it is a gift to abandon our daily routine once in awhile.

Women entrepreneurs often ask me how I create my popular expressive “Wednesday Wisdom” messages or how I generate these frequent blog posts. They wish they could find time and inspiration to write or discover a more expressive communication style to converse with their customers. Like anything else in life, it takes awareness, dedication and some training. What I’ve learned from writing expressively for ten years is that once you find inspirational sources, writing flows easily. It wants to pour out of you and you experience moments of encouragement in everyday life.

Just like gliding through someone else’s cross country ski tracks in the middle of a forest, you need to get on track and stay on track to move forward. If you want to improve any part of your business repertoire whether it’s writing, using new technology, selling better or innovating, you need to either guide yourself or find someone to guide you. If you want to improve your business or perform at a higher level, you must also find extra time in your schedule to perform.

Today’s post is to remind you that sometimes we need to get on “track” by following someone else’s path by learning from them and then implementing their success strategies. Other times we simply need education to perform better. Is there something you have wanted to improve personally or corporately? Are you willing to learn and then dedicate time to implement something new? What do you need to do for yourself and your business to get on an easier, more successful business track in 2015?

Once you begin on a new journey to find ways to improve your outlook on life or better ways to make changes within your company, you will discover unexpected gifts along the way and an equal mix of elation and tranquility. Here’s to getting on track and staying on track this year.

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