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Thanksgiving Business Message: Service to Others

November 25, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses

blessingofserviceWhen I was twelve years old, I sat across a long table from “Herby” the poor, homeless man who was invited to our traditional Italian and American feast by my generous aunt. The table was full of familiar faces of grandparents, parents, cousins and siblings. I somehow was the one who was seated directly across from Herby. I remember being surprised someone could eat with so few teeth.

It’s interesting how certain images get lodged in one’s mind. I’ve enjoyed 50 Thanksgivings throughout my life and 5 of them stand out vividly in my mind with this one being one of them. Was it because I was shocked being so young and never seeing a homeless man before? Was it the way he looked or acted? What it how he ate his food? What I know now to be the truth is I remember that Thanksgiving because of the generosity of my family to invite someone into their homes who didn’t have a family.

I have prided myself on being a gracious person since I can remember always trying to the best of my ability to care for others. I believe the success I have been fortunate to experience as a 20 year woman entrepreneur is because I have cared deeply for the women who have associated themselves with my company.

It’s no wonder I also fell in love with the Jesuit mission of “service to others” when I started my event planning career in my early twenties at Le Moyne College. I was fortunate to work with Jesuit priests, to hear them speak and to foster their philosophy. When my oldest son decided to attend another Jesuit school for college, the wonderful Boston College, my heart sang as the admission counselor said to us, “We want our students to graduate one day to light the world aflame with service to others.”

This “Thanksgiving” business blog post is to remind you as Thanksgiving arrives, to not only be thankful for the gifts you have been given, but to share your time, talent and treasures with others. Whether that service is to a loved one in need of medical attention, to the underprivileged of the community, or to valued customers and treasured friends; we must try to live a life that always gives positively from the heart.

thankfulThis year, I remain thankful to the multitude of women entrepreneurs who attended our events this year or have been a member for one year or ten years; and also for people who read my inspirational weekly newsletter or who live out our mission of buying as often as they can from women entrepreneurs. They will grace my prayers this year as I celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with the ones I love…… and hopefully a few unexpected guests to remind me what service is truly all about.

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