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Stepping into a New Business Dream

November 19, 2014

Business and Entrepreneurial Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


As I sat with legs crossed with twenty other people listening to the vibrations of unique musical instruments and a special yoga instructor for the next two hours, I realized I was sitting in the midst of another woman entrepreneur’s dream. A dream she manifested into a larger business that would satisfy needs of health focused individuals in the Jamesville community.

The walls were a smoothing hue of sea foam green, bamboo floors and a colorful thin mat supported my feet and dim lights created the calming atmosphere. I turned to the woman beside me and said, “I’ve been practicing yoga for years by myself in front of my television but never in public. I hope I don’t fall over and create chaos.” She smiled kindly with a glint of understanding in her eye.

As the peacefulness of the exquisite session grew in me as the movement, music and words flowed through me, I thought of the my member Mary Riposo of Infinite Light Yoga Center at her front desk with her beautiful blue eyes and warm smile greeting her clients. Mary told me a few years ago she was creating this “dream” and expanding from renting space to perform massage in other people’s businesses to owning her own large studio. I wanted to “walk” into her dream and support her this past weekend. I am so glad I did.

The hardest part in business is making the decision to re-create your company in the midst of its existence to a larger more meaningful existence or to change it because it isn’t working the way it should anymore. Growing or altering one’s business starts with the fruits of desire, the energy of risk and the willingness to fail. It’s about knowing you must move forward or you risk becoming irrelevant. As someone stated recently, “If you aren’t always evolving as an entrepreneur, you simply aren’t giving yourself enough credit and you’re missing out on a greater potential for success.”

Today’s post is to remind you that you must always – in small ways or big bold ways – be evolving your business. It starts with you. Take an inventory of how you feel about your current business status, income, client numbers and workload now. What ranking would you give it from 1-10 with 10 being “perfect.” Write down a list of 3 ideas you have had stirring in your mind for the past year that you haven’t acted on and then list why. Do you have a dream you are trying to step inside of but are too afraid to do it? Find help to move forward.

By stepping into the business of another women’s successful enterprise, we can truly see, feel and witness what another woman’s hard work and dream looks like. By doing so, we leave inspired to the core to do the same for ourselves. “Namaste.”

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