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Cyber Monday Marketing Suggestions for Women Entrepreneurs

December 1, 2014

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


As I entered my office on a gloomy overcast Monday in Central New York, I decided I needed to create some sunshine of my own today so I created some simple Cyber Monday specials and marketed them to my customers and the public. I love running a business where I have the ability to create a positive, brighter atmosphere for myself and my constituents quickly.

Cyber Monday was created as a marketing strategy the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. The term “Cyber Monday” was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online. The term made its debut on November 28, 2005 and it’s quickly become one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.

So when the grey sky appeared behind my bright computer screen, I decided to create two Cyber Monday special to offer savings to women entrepreneurs and to also spark my marketing spirit.

Today’s blog post are simple tips on how to create and market a Cyber Monday Special today even if you haven’t thought about doing it until this moment. I hope these easy suggestions help you:

* Review the list of your business services or product offerings. Decide which you’d like to post as a special – maybe one of your most popular ones or perhaps one you’d like to have more customers consuming.

* Create the “offering” by deciding on a certain percentage discount off the regular price or giving 2 items away for the price of 1. You could also offer a bonus product or service if someone buys from you today.

* Market the Cyber Monday Special on your social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog, etc. and share it with your friends and hopefully theirs.

* Market your Cyber Monday Special through a personal email blast to your current customers making sure they are aware of the deal.

* Most importantly, follow through on what you offer by: making sure you grant the discount, billing properly or mailing the bonus item immediately. You want to be honest, fast and successful in delivering what you market on Cyber Monday.

If you are waking up today not knowing what kind of marketing you should be doing, take my advice and bring some light into your business by creating and marketing a cool Cyber Monday Special for the customers you love and the new people you want to attract to your company.

NOTE: If you are a woman entrepreneur (women only) interested in my company’s Cyber Monday membership deal, simply visit and join at the premium level and receive 3 months membership for free to your annual membership. It’s that easy! We’d love to have you brighten up our growing New York State organization too.

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