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Choosing How to Fill Your Business Day

September 24, 2014

Business Advice and Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs


The image out the back window of my house so early this fall morning is of a slightly orange horizon peaking through complete darkness. It sits like a shimmer of hope as a new dawn breaks holding unlimited potential. How will we fill this new day? Will we miss out on its beauty by packing our calendars so tight we can’t take a moment to enjoy it? Could we decide before black night turns to blue sky to promise ourselves to enjoy some part of the day whether we have a hundred tasks ahead?

I love the fact every breaking dawn gives us a moment to choose how we want to spend our day. We can pack it with goals and tasks and accomplish a great deal which makes us feel wonderful when the day ends. We can also decide if we have an open day to decide early how we want to fill the empty hours with goal setting, planning or customer service calls. We could even on a beautiful September day with temperatures in the 70s decide to take an extended lunch hour because our calendars aren’t packed yet. What will you do with today? Have you thought about it before it begins?

The only way I have ever stayed organized running the size company I do with the amount of members I have and sheer size of events I run is to always have a plan for the day that I set the night before with at least an hour of time scheduled for either exercise, enjoying lunch with someone or simply sitting outside taking in nature. Even when I have the biggest event of the year happening the next day, I make sure I keep myself organized with a timeline of tasks and an hour of free time nestled in my schedule.

Sometimes our typical business days can feel similar filled with current projects, future innovative thoughts, people to meet with, customer to service and staff to manage. But always, we must find time within each calendar day to enjoy what we do and be grateful for this life we lead. Deadlines will come and go. Demanding priorities will build and subside. Pressure will accumulate and dissipate. So make sure today you give yourself some time to enjoy the day whatever “enjoy” means to you.

Today’s post should remind you that every breaking dawn you have a clean slate of time in front of you to do what you want to do. You get to set your own calendar everyday – that’s why you run your own business. You have the opportunity to pick and choose tasks. Only you can slip in time to relax and give your spirit and mind what they need most.

Cherish this new light orange dawn with enthusiasm knowing you have plenty of time to both work and rest. As my dear friend always says, “Enjoy the beauty of this day.”

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