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Entrepreneurial Inspiration: “Job Well Done”

October 1, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


Tuesday’s Syracuse Post Standard’s newspaper title read, “Oprah Inspires at SU, Honors Real Hero,” and the photo below it showed Oprah with her arm around a woman named Mary Nelson who wrote to Oprah about the youth center she created to give away backpacks to children on the South side of Syracuse and provide a safe environment for them too. With the belief she would meet Oprah when she came to Syracuse, Mary set into action intention, purpose and communication to set the stage for the visit. Little did she know, Oprah would accept her offer and end up writing her a check for $100,000 for the youth center as a gift back to Mary for a “job well done.”

Reading the words Oprah shared with Syracuse University students earlier in the day also resonated with me as it reminded me of similar thoughts I shared at last week’s Women TIES Retreat. Oprah said, “Being able to move through life with a sense of vision, with a sense of purpose, a sense of passion and love for the stories you tell is essential. The world is in great need of knowing and being able to discern what is the truth.” She also said, “Work from the interior of your soul and allow the passion of your heart to lead you to do great work.”

I know women entrepreneurs are successful because the companies they create and the work they do have a deep meaning and greater purpose. Women start companies to change the world for the better with our products or services. We keep going because we work from a place in our soul and a passion in our heart that leads us to do great work.

It doesn’t take much to inspire others whether you are another Mary Nelson working in your community for the good of those in need or like Oprah with wisdom and wealth. Women love to be inspired and they equally love to inspire others.

Today’s blog post is to remind you that you are living a purposeful, goal directed, meaningful entrepreneurial life where you inspire others. You might motivate people with your work ethic, your commitment to a cause, your outlook, your strong belief in producing a meaningful product or your customer service policy. You might inspire your staff, vendors and associates with your actions. I also hope you stop once in awhile to let yourself be inspired by “you.”

As Oprah said so beautifully, “let the passion of your heart lead you to great work.” It’s what makes life so remarkable.

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