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Business Success = Service to Others

September 17, 2014


As I watched 41,000 red bandanas swirl in the air on Saturday night as the crowd roared on the Boston College Football team to a miraculous win over #9 ranked USC, I remembered why I love the Jesuit Mission of “Service to Others” so much.

The red bandanas were a symbol of support for a young Boston College man named Welles Crowther who saved 12 lives in the North Tower on 9/11 and then perished as the building collapsed. His parents weren’t positive of his demise until 12 strangers’ recounted tales of being saved by a young man wearing a red bandana. Welles always carried a red bandana in his pocket since elementary school.

The young businessman had told his father a few months prior he wanted to leave his corporate job to become a firefighter when a plane hit the building he worked in. Instead of saving himself and exiting the building, he stayed inside climbing many floors multiple times to guide people down stairways to safety. A symbol of his heroism is displayed in the new 9/11 memorial museum- a red bandana – and his story told by Presdient Obama at its dedication.

welles-crowther-500x281I am certain women entrepreneurs don’t outwardly wear red bandanas like Welles did that tragic day; but we feel a similar commitment to ‘serving’ others especially our customers. Perhaps we each have an invisible red bandana wrapped around our hearts when we work every day.

Women start businesses not for the millions of dollars they can make, but for the changes they want to make in the world. By owning a company we are allowed to serve womankind through our efforts. Would we really be in business only to make money? I haven’t ever met a woman who said that was the sole motivation behind becoming an entrepreneur. It is one reason but it wasn’t the only reason.

The truth is happiness comes from helping others. I know my happiest days are when I am helping a member, a woman entrepreneur or someone thinking of starting a business through advice, inspiration or wisdom. I have a feeling if you are reading this editorial today; you feel the same way about the people you serve.

Today’s blog post is for you to realize that because you are an entrepreneur you are impacting hundreds of lives with what you offer, what you write, what you make and how you care. We want to make a difference. We want to be in service to others. If you can do anything this week, embrace service to others.

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