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Business Inspiration: The Quest for Fans

June 25, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


6.5 million people watched the United States vs. Portugal World Cup soccer match on Sunday. Fans of the popular sport gathered in stands, in major city parks and in front of their televisions to witness the global game. My family has World Cup fever even though we have always loved Syracuse University lacrosse and Boston College basketball. Why are billions of people, like our family, intrigued by the World Cup? How does the fever build and spread?

I’m sure I’m not the only woman entrepreneur who wishes she had 6.5 million people tuning into my company’s happenings or wish every media channel was talking about my company’s latest achievement. I’m also positive I’m not the only business owner trying to cultivate corporate fans. Traditionally fans are people who like a sport, celebrities or music; but can’t an entrepreneur cultivate fans or create a fan following too? If having a strong fan base is what it takes to receive media headlines, adoration and business, then maybe all business owners should be trying harder to cultivate a fan culture around their enterprises.

As a 28 year event planner, I know events cultivate energy as people discuss and attend them. The closer an event gets the more energy it produces. Coupled with good media attention – both traditional and social – event fever can spread and create fans.

Today’s post is meant to inspire you to think about cultivating fans for your business. Think about your current fans – your customers, friends and associates – and revel in and share their testimonials then keep giving them what they love. Create an annual event where you can bring them together to educate, inspire or thank them. If you don’t feel like you have a fan base, start contemplating how to create one.

Remember we don’t have to be music icons, extreme athletes or talented actresses to gain a fan following. We can capture corporate fans by cultivating an environment of positive occasions, experiences and events that draws as much fanatical fever and fans as the World Cup. If you need some more inspiration, tune into the big USA vs. Germany World Cup game tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. Take your lunch break early and be inspired by the fans.

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