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Lessons From Hiring a Good Vendor

June 19, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business


It was one month ago when the unexpectedness of our 14 year old pool lining broke. Like any major expenditure, we wanted to make sure we used a reputable company who could deliver a quality product within a reasonable budget and in a promised timeframe. As I watched the completion of the pool lining this week, I thought about some of the great business lessons gleaned from the experience to share with other entrepreneurs today.

* Always get a quote for a major service or product contract. Obtain at least three different estimates from three different companies. Compare apples to apples when asking about price, delivery, guarantees and product quality. If you can’t decide which company to use, check the Better Business Bureau for business ratings. The pool company we used did have the best rating of all 3 companies we met with. It showed in their work.

* Communicate frequently with the company you hire. Call to make sure they are staying within the promised schedule of delivery and completion. Be friendly, forthcoming and honest about what you expect. By treating vendors with care, you’ll have better service in the end. Companies want to work with people or other companies who are genuine and understanding.

* If they deliver as promised, pay as promised. If you are really pleased with their work, write a testimonial or tell them you’ll be a reference. Give back because they deserve the recommendations and because you want their company to service someone else in the same professional manner. It’s a small gesture but a valuable one to them and future customers.

A special thank you to Syracuse Pool and Spa for their excellent work in bringing our beautiful swimming pool back to life.

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