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Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs – Large vs. Small Business

June 4, 2014

Business Advice for Women Enterpreneurs and Small Business Owners


Aldous Huxley, a British author, most famous for his novel Brave New World, once stated this quote about perception, “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” As I sat reading an article on business in America today it stated the fact that 99% of United States entrepreneurs are running small businesses.

The statistic shocked me. When I think of business in America, I think of corporate giants ranging from Wal-Mart to the Ford Motor Company, McDonald’s to Starbucks, and ESPN to the Weather Channel. They signify what I perceive most people think successful businesses looks like. Having run two companies with less than 2 employees, my perception has always been I’m running a pretty small operation.

But after listening to the facts about business in America today, my perception changed. No longer did I feel running a small business was too small. It was exactly what 99% of all other American entrepreneurs are running too. The big corporate giants are the minority not the norm.

Being average is sometimes good. We might not be seen as a large company in the eyes of the world but it’s heartening to know we are what business looks like in America today. We aren’t small after all; we are large – part of a very large pool of women entrepreneurs.

Today’s blog post is to remind you that if you are feeling like you are too small to be running your company or to keep going with your entrepreneurial dream, you are wrong. You are like most business owners so stand in the truth and be okay with where you are right now. It doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels but you can be satisfied knowing you aren’t too small you are actually just right the way you are.

Continue to believe in the strength of the company you have created. Acknowledge your successes. Keep striving for bigger goals. You have accomplished a lot. Your efforts have been large not small.

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