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Million Dollar Sales: Is it Reachable?

June 6, 2014

It was Spring Break 1985 when I traveled to Florida with my cousin and his friends to enjoy some winter sun. It wasn’t the ocean breezes and warmth I remember from that trip but my conversation with my Aunt who was also vacationing there at the time. One evening my Aunt and I had an interesting conversation. She surprised me by telling me she had just sold enough real estate properties and produced enough restaurant sales to make her first million dollars. I remember the word “million” sticking in my mind. I had always admired my aunt’s entrepreneurial drive but I didn’t think she had reached that level of success.

This million dollar moment really reasonated with me. I remember thinking “I want to be like my Aunt someday.” Although I always admired her for the wonderful, positive caring woman she was, I was impressed that she could take a high school education, learn about the real estate industry, flip houses, invest in restaurants and make that kind of money. She was industrious, smart and a risk taker. At the time I was in college studying business and the entrepreneurial bug had not hit me yet, but when I did become an entrepreneur 10 years later I remembered that million dollar conversation.

Like 97% of women entrepreneurs today, I make less than a million in sales annually. It’s most likely based on the type of service and product I offer, not my lack of sales, passion or enthusaism for my business. As Sierra Sullivan of LifeStylized said at my Women TIES event yesterday, “Could you service a thousand clients if you really wanted to after conducting excellent marketing and sales?” I know the answer is no because of the way my corporate structure, financing, and staff support I have set up now. It would take a whole new approach to running my business if I wanted to be an emerging business striving for the million dollar sales mark.

Today’s inspirational blog post is to encourage you to start thinking about what it will take for you to earn a million in sales with your business. Do you have the interest, drive and desire? If so, do you know what you need to make the dream a reality? What structure and plans do you need to start planning for your million dollar in sales moment?

If this monetary benchmark is something you strive for, join us next week at the Women TIES event in Syracuse featuring a woman who will hit a million dollar in sales in her first year in business. Find out what her million dollar marketing and sales secret is and ask yourself “Could it become mine?”

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