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Why Failure is Important

June 2, 2014


It was one of those moments you don’t experience that often – a pure failure moment – which took me off guard. Unable to complete a race I had started due to an asthma attack, I walked back to the start line with a dampened spirit. No words frrom my friends, my coach or my family could make me feel better. It’s been a long time since I failed at something so miserably. It’s funny how one unsuccessful situation can make you feel like nothing is succeeding in your life.

As I retreated to my pool after the race with some Dave Matthews Band soothing my soul – the only remedy for the day – I asked myself, “Am I succeeding in my business mission or failing at that too?” I decided to make sure in the next month I wasn’t letting any women entrepreneurs down by not helping them enough or making sure they had all the PR tools they needed to market themselves extensively through our organization.

As I asked myself the question “What else can I do to succeed the next time I run to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen,” (which includes taking my inhaler with me and taking allergy medicine before I run), I decided I needed to ask that same question to the women I serve – “Am I doing all I can to help you? If not, what else can I do?”

It makes no sense to be running a race or running a business and not asking oneself periodically if we are doing the best we can to prepare for and accomplish what we set out to do. It doesn’t need to be a failing moment, a business loss or a personal setback to have us questioning our intentions. We should be making sure we are doing all we can to succeed by asking ourselves those questions in advance or throughout the year.

Today I hope you ask yourself the question, “What else can I be doing to be more successful in any area of my personal or business life?” and then make sure you are. There’s always another start line and race to win in your personal and businenss life.

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