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Let Yourself Be Alive

May 31, 2014

TracyandAnnieThis is not a business blog post although it’s message most certainly lends itself to women entrepreneurs. It is a personal post to share with two women who have inspired me to run today in my first 5K run after a 10 week 5K training period. The inspiration is from my favorite book “Journey to the Heart” by Melody Beattie. I hope it inspires our readers today.

In Sedona, as I drove from the sweat lodge back to the room I was renting, I felt exhilarated. My excitement wasn’t only about the experience I had just been through. For so long, I had limited my choices, limited my freedom. I was thrilled that I was finally giving myself permission to live more fully.

Have you been limiting your choices, telling yourself there are only a few options available? Have you been limiting your choices saying you’ve seen and done everything you can in this world? Have you been limiting yourself and your life, then wondering why life is so limiting?

Set yourself free. Give yourself permission to experience and taste more of life. You are here to live your life – fully, richly, passionately. The journey has been about more than cleansing, healing and spiritual growth. You have a body, emotions, passion, and thought. You are here to bring all parts of life, to connect the parts, and to fully live your life.”

Partake of the abundance of the universe.
You’re sitting at a banquet table. Let yourself feast.
Move on from monitoring, watching, limiting.
Experience all of life that you can.

Thank you Ann Sageer of Ciao Chow Bambina and Linda Fake of Uniquely Yours – Interior Design for joining me in today’s adventure and goal. To all the women entrepreneurs out there reading this post today, live both your personal and business life with new adventure, passion and excitement. There is so much more to enjoy and experience.

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