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Renewing Business Goals Mid-Year

May 28, 2014


It doesn’t take more than looking out the window to see we are in a different time of year. It seems like ages agowhen the crystal ball dropped on Times Square, revelers were celebrating and millions of people took up new resolutions. January 1st seems like a century ago in the busy world we live in. Most women entrepreneurs started the New Year with a re-commitment to succeed, added new products or service lines to their companies, and revised their business plans. They promised themselves 2014 was going to be a different year – a better business year. New beginnings in life always have a positive energy that emanates joy and hope. Whether it’s falling in love, meeting a new friend, discovering a new talent or starting a new year, it feels good to start anew.

As June 1st rolls in this week, I wonder if you feel the same way about your business as you did on January 1st. Do you still have the spark ignited within you? Are you sticking with your resolutions, promises and plans? Or do you find yourself six months into the year doubting what you are trying to accomplish in 2014?

It’s important to take time mid-year to re-evaluate your goals, plans and expectations for the rest of the year so you still accomplish what you intended. Time has a way of slipping away. Disappointments can turn a positive attitude sour. Broken customer relationships can unsettle the mind. Sometimes we just don’t know we are slipping away from our big goals until we stop and take notice.

Today’s post is to encourage you to take a break sometime this week to review the status of your New Year’s business goals to see if you are still on track with them. If not, ask yourself “Could June 1st be my second New Year?” Reviewing, reworking and creating a new six month plan in marketing, sales and management might be what you need to refocus on your ambitions. It’s not too late.

I’m glad it’s not a cold, snowy New Year’s Day since I prefer muggy summer weather but I do wish I had the snap of that crisp January 1st attitude. I plan on making June 1st my second new beginning in order to make the next six months in business better than the first. Will you be joining me? It’s the perfect time.

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  1. May 28, 2014 4:56 pm

    It is always time to reflect and re-evaluate! I have recently done the same and it resulted in me adding something new and taking away one of the old goals…and I believe my business will be better for it!


    • June 6, 2014 9:06 am

      Kimberly – Thank you for posting and sharing what you do to make your business better too. Great advice for everyone. Tracy


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