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Business Wisdom For Women Entrepreneurs: Personal vs. Corporate Tasks

May 5, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs


The month of May is an exhilarating time in the Northeast when green envelops our view, the weather gets clearer and our calendars get fuller. Baptisms, Graduations, Business Tradeshows and Conference fill up our calendars. The switch from winter thinking and hibernation to summer activities dominates our minds and calendars. Our business tasks start competing with our personal responsibilities because summer is approaching.

For women entrepreneurs to continue to be successful in business, they need to keep clearing their minds to maintain focus. If more work time is becoming focused on personal items like planning vacations, logistics of school age kids, picking up college age students from school, and attending special family functions, then it’s essential to set time aside for those personal duties to keep the business mind clear.
Here are some simple ways to organize thoughts and duties to maintain a more clear business mind:

* Set specific times each day to attend to personal duties – like banking, communication with family members, vacation planning, etc. Choose one hour a day that is your least productive work time to complete personal tasks. Don’t allow social media or personal distractions to take you away from your work priorities.

*Communicate with loved ones when you can and can’t take business calls. Don’t let an unexpected call or visit take you out of your daily business plan. If you operate a home based business, set real work hours and stick to them. Save errands or personal communication for before or after work hours or during a set lunch break.

* If you truly need to address personal plans during the work week, give yourself one day of personal time, just like employees get, to work on and complete personal responsibilities. By doing this, you take away the stress of trying to balance personal thoughts with business duties.

Women are use to juggling work. It makes perfect sense women entrepreneurs need to juggle personal and business tasks more often during different seasons of the year. With foresight and planning, a businesswoman can stay on track to maintain her business while enjoying personal time.

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