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The Advantages of Running in a Pack in Business

May 7, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


As I was running shoulder to shoulder and step by step next to three women in my 5K training program, a bright light of realization engulfed me. For two decades I have been a solo entrepreneur running down a business path by myself. I have had staff periodically and other women entrepreneurs I have hired to help me but for the most part I’ve run the entrepreneurial race by myself. It’s also the way I’ve enjoyed running for ten years.

In order to continue to challenge myself athletically, I joined a popular training program with 90 other people. What I’ve learned the past 7 weeks has surprised me. When you run alongside others you derive incredible energy, better speed and inspiration. Although you are responsible for your own work, it is heightened by the beat of other runners next to you. It’s still a solo effort but highly complimented by others.

Running and competing with a group reminds me why I have surrounded myself with women entrepreneurs for two decades. No one can do my work or grow my company but by “running” in a pack of other women business owners who are all striving for the finish line, I am inspired every step of the way. If you are a runner or have competed in a race, you understand what I mean. Your success is your success; but it’s fueled by the energy of others traveling the same path at the same time with the same goals.

Today’s post is to remind you that business strength can come in both your solo effort and running alongside others. If you’ve been traveling the road of entrepreneurship too long on your own and are getting weary, consider working with more people whether that’s hiring a coach or staff, joining more organizations, or participating in more community business activities that bring you together with like minded people. While you are with others, draw off the energy, education and enthusiasm a pack can bring and take it back to fuel your solo entrepreneurial effort. Success comes by a combination of working alone and with others.

I hope you are inspired today to join a new organization or get more involved with one you are a part of, take on a new athletic challenge, travel to a new area to open up economic connections, or hire a team to support your business endeavors. I promise you that once you do, you’ll experience the same realization I did running alongside others. Step by step, shoulder by shoulder, you’ll be enlightened to keep moving forward.

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