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Jumpstarting a Stalling Business

May 1, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


After six months off the road, we tried to start an older car for my son as he returns from college. The once active, robust automobile barely made a sound as we turned on the ignition. It stalled out completely after a few attempts. How could a once vibrant car be acting this way? Did we ignore it too long? Should we have jump started the engine sooner? Was it our fault for not paying enough attention to keep it running well?

Our businesses can become like stalled cars in our garage. The once active, moving, exhilarating hum of it working can fall quiet if it is left idle too long. By the time we realize we have to start the engines and get it back on the road in roaring condition, the energy has been depleted and we have to resurrect it.

How many times as women business owners have we ignored our companies a little too long because we were tired, lost focus or interest? Maybe we needed a break so we walked away for a short time only to return to find it lifeless. A vibrant business or even one humming along at a steady pace can’t be ignored for any period of time before it becomes similar to a dead car battery which then requires new energy to get it moving again.

What I love about the speaker I am featuring at my Women TIES event on May 6th in Syracuse is the fact she recognized she had ignored her business too long and asked someone else for help and a lifeline to get her company back on track. Many of us don’t reach out to industry icons for that type of support but this woman entrepreneur did. It took humility, hard work and willingness to jumpstart her business again to bring it back to life and back to an even stronger position it was before (like a 1000% profit). We all have that ability no matter how long we’ve overlooked our business.

Today’s blog post is to remind you that if you feel like your business is like our dead car in the garage, ignored a little too long, it’s never too late to refocus, restart and rejuvenate it. It will take hard work and a willingness to review, reform and renew key components to breathe it full of life. It might also take admitting you need help and being humble enough to seek advice.

The lesson we learned in our garage was to never ignore our car that long again even if someone isn’t using it. Some parts of life and business demand attention. We know what they are. We have to believe we can return anything we’ve worked hard at possessing back to full verve and vitality.

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