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Celebrating Your Company’s Birthday Is a PR Must

March 14, 2014

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


Photos of green shoes, cowboy boots, scarlet pumps were flooding my Facebook page this morning – a sure sign that one of our members, Melissa O’Reilly, had a successful 3rd Anniversary Celebration for her shoe company. Wearing the shoes were other women entrepreneurs she does business with in Albany, New York. They came out in droves to support this unique, original and innovative direct marketing company she created called Shush Shoes. As social media turns away from copy content to more photo content, you can imagine what the photos of the shoes said to me that words couldn’t have expressed.

The anniversary fundraiser and fashion show not only displayed Melissa’s products well, it raised both awareness and funds for a non-profit organization. Producing an anniversary celebration, inviting favorite customers and new clients, and benefiting a wonderful cause is an excellent marketing idea! Bravo to Melissa for not only celebrating her successful business but helping others at the same time.

Have you considered planning an anniversary celebration for your company? Do you acknowledge its birthday or major milestone every year or do you let it pass by. If you let it arrive every year without using it as a PR opportunity, you are missing out on a great way to promote your company.

Here are some tips for celebrating the birthday of your company:

* Plan on launching a new service or product each year on your anniversary and then create a PR plan around it to share with your customers, media and business partners.

* Update your website every year to make it fresh. This is something I have done every year for 9 years. It might not be big changes but I always add something new to my website to help my members every year around March and April.

* Create an anniversary event – a breakfast, a lunch, a cocktail party, a golf outing, a shoe party or something else related to the products or services you offer – at least on your 5th, 10th and 25th anniversary dates if not every year.

* Send a press release to your local news stations and print media explaining how your company has helped the marketplace over the years, new initiatives you have planned and new developments within your company like adding staff, a new division or opening a new office in another location.

Remember your company’s birthday is as important as your own birthday and those you love. Make sure you plan every year to acknowledge it and use it as a PR tool to help your clients, public and yourself.

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