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Doing What it Takes To Thrive in Business

March 12, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneursand small business owners


I remember sitting at a table with ten women in 1997 sharing our latest business highlights when one woman named Peggy Pointowski of Sassy Scrubs said, “I just sent a sample of my designer scrub suits to the new TV show ER to see if they’d have their staff – especially George Clooney – wear my products on their show. I have nothing to lose by trying.” At every monthly meeting afterward, we eagerly waited for Peggy’s update on her Hollywood news! It was much more exciting than anything else anyone was doing….and it was George Clooney we were talking about.

Sure enough within the year, Peggy was heading to Los Angeles to meet George Clooney and visit the ER set where her innovative idea of designer scrubs was being shown nationally. Her sales exploded after ER began using her product. She was awarded the Small Business Person of the Year in 1998.

After years of knowing Peggy, I came to respect her most not because of her grand Hollywood idea but when she admitted 5 years later that her company was going bankrupt because she got too caught up in her success, trusted her financials to the wrong advisors, opened up a store front that sapped her income and grew without having a plan. Peggy shared the hard lessons she learned at an event for 400 women. I was so proud of her grace, honesty and humility.

Women entrepreneurs are amazing when they share business heartaches with others to stop someone from making the same error. Next week when Bonni Phelps of Baked Euphoria speaks in Binghamton about how she reached out to the nationally syndicated show “Bakery Boss” to help her save her struggling business, I’ll witness the same resolve and humility Peggy displayed. Bonni was willing to admit she was struggling and it resulted in “The Bakery Boss” visiting her, airing her corporate hardships, renovating her bakery and lending vital advice. She reminds me so much of Peggy and how I wished Peggy would have had the chance to do the same.

What I learned from these two women is sometimes we need an outside perspective on our business. We can’t see what’s going wrong by ourselves. We need to seek the guidance of others to give us that 360 degree view of our business so we can fix it. That’s exactly what Buddy did for Bonni’s store which produced a 1000% profit and a revitalized business when they were done. Bonni is also a new woman with new hope and rainbow goals.

Today’s blog post is meant for you to ask yourself if having someone else take a look at the workings of your business – both the positive and negative – could help you turn around a period of loss, help you increase your profits substantially or propel you in a new profitable direction. Do you need a 360 degree view of your business to improve it or stop it from failing? Who do you trust to give you that opinion? Are you willing to make the changes they suggest? Maybe come listen to Bonni next week if you need personal motivation – click here for the event details.

As I end today’s post, I am grateful I shared part of my entrepreneurial journey with Peggy. She passed away from cancer 7 years ago after moving to Florida. Her grace and humility dealing with a life threatening disease right up until the moment she passed away was indicative of the grace she had as an entrepreneur. Her humor, honesty and zest for life is something I carry with me always. Thank you Peggy for all the lessons – especially the ones about the moon boots.

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  1. March 12, 2014 3:03 pm

    There is no doubt that it sometimes takes “fresh eyes” to see why things are going wrong (and even see what things are really working!). The key is to find someone you trust and that is, above all, honest and knowledgeable to lead you in the right direction. I will be sharing this!


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