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Business Advice: Springing Forward

March 7, 2014

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


The brilliant blue sky today and slightly warmer temperatures is a sign that change is coming and I think I speak for all women entrepreneurs when I say bring on Spring. Recently everyone I’ve spoken with has mentioned a downturn in sales, lower participation in programs and a lack of customer communication the past two months. The cost of a harsh winter season can affect everyone’s business.

Even larger companies with million dollars in sales have seen some stagnation during January and February in the Northeast and East Coast as the “Polar Vortex” and specially named Snowstorms hit the region. When the weather is all anyone talks about on the news and the cold grips the region, it affects the mindset of consumers everywhere. In an economy where we co-exist with a multitude of business conditions, it’s easy to see that winter might just be a difficult time of year to succeed unless one’s business is focused on selling snow shovels, ice fishing gear or running a ski resort.

As the weather starts to break this week, it’s time for you and your company to break out too. Let’s join the tulips by rearing our own brightly colored works for all to see. Let’s join the geese by flying back to a more sales focused agenda. Let’s melt like the snow and wash away a season’s worth of lackluster business. If you are feeling like you are ready to break out of how you have been doing business the past two months, now is the time to do it!

Today’s business blog post is to inspire you to make a list of five major projects you have been waiting to launch when business picks up and setting definite release dates for each project. Create a timeline of project launch dates, start a communications plan for the launch, create events to announce new programs or services, and discover social media marketing sites to reach out to even more people about your new ideas. Plan, plan, plan and then launch, launch, launch.

Let’s prepare today to feel really good in two weeks when everything starts “springing forward.” We most certainly have the creativity, talents and time to make the last few harsh winter weeks the most productive of the season so we can bask in a warmer entrepreneurial season this spring.

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