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Your Customer’s Experience: What It Says About Your Company

March 19, 2014

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


The room was completely full. Every desk attendant appeared busy. Snack and soda machines were along the wall and a public bathroom was apparent. I didn’t have my sharp Sherlock Holmes perception working the moment I observed the room, only a determined son who had to apply for a vital document at this New York State agency. Two hours later, after a five minute transaction, I wish I had the discernment of a detective to realize we should have retreated immediately after entering the doors of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Anytime I enter another business, I walk in as if I’m a customer walking into Women TIES doors. I want to see, feel, and experience what my customers’ sense when they walk through my doors – a warm welcome, clear communication, and efficient service. In my mind, there’s no other experience a guest, client or visitor should be treated to other than stellar service and attention. I don’t care if that business is Burger King, a 5 star car dealership, a one person business or a government agency. How the customer is treated and feels is of upmost importance always.

So after a two hour wait for a five minute transaction, four direct questions to government agency staff trying to find out if there was any way to speed up the process, I realized there was an absolute absence of customer service in the establishment. All I could think sitting there for 120 minutes was how disrespectful this business was towards other people’s time – as if their own time was much more valuable.

I reiterate this experience not to harp on an incredibly poor customer service experience, but to remind women entrepreneurs if we value the business a customer provides to our company, than we must, beyond any shadow of a doubt, value their time. We live in a lightning fast world where everyone demands fast results and instant communication, so we must stay on pace with client’s expectations by delivering superior service making them feel like they are the most important part of our entity.

Today’s blog post is to ask you to stop and pose these questions: Do my customers experience superior service every time they work with my company? Are we respectful of our client’s time when we provide service to them? Do I have a stellar customer service policy my staff and I live by? When was the last time I thought about how well or poorly I treat my clients so I can improve their experience with my company?

A superior entrepreneur remembers their customers deserve respect, excellent communication and efficient systems during every experience. Their time is more valuable than ours if we want to keep them involved for years to come.

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