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Changing the Business Mindset

January 8, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


It’s a new year and one of the most popular phrases around is, “change your mindset and you can do anything.” Although I hear this expression more often related to weight loss or getting healthy this time of year, it came as advice today from one of my members who has substantially been growing her company.

Changing someone’s mindset and even our own mindset about a situation takes some doing. Just like the Arctic air sweeping over the nation freezing everything in its path, we can get frozen in the same policies, procedures and ways of doing business for years. Consider the visual of the ocean liner that got stuck in ice around Christmas in Antarctic with 22 crew members aboard. They simply couldn’t move forward even by inches to free themselves. Similarly, we can operate the same way for years and never realize we need to be rescued in order to begin moving forward again.

If you are preparing for 2014 and want to increase prices, change policies, delete or offer new services, you might have to change both your mindset and the mindset of your customers in order to navigate through corporate change. You can increase pricing this year if you explain why the changes are being made. You can implement stricter customer guidelines in 2014 if you spell out the changes. You can do anything you want differently if you change your mindset and explain it well enough to consumers to change theirs too.

Today’s post is meant to encourage you to think about where you’ve been stuck in your business for awhile. Are you not making enough sales calls or maybe keeping your pricing the same for years? Maybe you are anxious about affording an assistant to take over some of your work load. Perhaps you need to obtain financial backing to move forward but don’t know where to turn. The key to success is in realizing that you are stuck and then making a conscious effort to change your mindset to dislodge yourself. Then you must inform your customers so they understand the change-up as well.

Today is the day to warm up your thinking, to chip away at the ice that has cemented you in place and to share new developments with your customers so they can move forward with you in the New Year.

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  1. January 8, 2014 1:03 pm

    I can certainly be hard to change your way of thinking. However, it is absolutely necessary in order to keep things fresh and move forward when things are no longer working. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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