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3 Simple Sales Strategies to Live By in 2014

January 6, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


Like most entrepreneurs just getting back to work after an extended holiday and bad weather in the Northeast, I am ready and raring to kick-start my new business year. The first thing on my mind is to increase sales now and throughout the year.

Today’s post is simple, yet effective, advice if you are looking to jump start your sales action this week and year. I suggest you use today (and maybe every Monday) to create a plan for when you’ll make calls this week and who should be on your list. Make a point to etch out at least half a day if not a whole day every single week to conduct sales calls or appointments. Sales are the lifeblood of every small business so make it a priority in 2014 and start planning now.

Here are our 3 top sales strategies to get you on your way:

Remember You Offer a Benefit
The best salespeople say when you are selling, you are not selling the tangible item, you are selling the benefit the product or service what you sell brings to the client. Do you know the true benefits of your product or service? Take time to thinking about, indentify and make a list of these attributes and how they can help prospective customers. After asking the potential customer about their company and listening for what they “need” – take what you hear them say and tell them how your company’s services or benefits can help them with the “need.”

After Every No Comes a Yes
My father was a salesman the second half of his career. He told me to always remember when making cold calls you will get many “no thank you’s” but at some point you will get a “yes – sign me up!” You never know when the next phone call is the person who wants to buy from you. So don’t give up making sales calls. Always believe there is someone who needs your service or product. Keep calling, remain positive, and keep your spirits high!

Convert Networking Events into Sales
Women entrepreneurs love networking events because women love gathering with other women. Attending events can be a great mood boost as well as a great sales boost so plan on attending regular networking events in 2014 at diverse business organizations. Remember the trick in making time spent at any networking event a success is to identify 3-7 people you meet and make a “warm sales call”. Every week schedule one morning or full day if you have the time, to call people you’ve met the week previous at a networking event or other function. Timing and follow-up are key to starting a new sales relationship.

Remember what you make a priority, becomes your reality. Make a commitment before the New Year gets underway to commit to being a stronger salesperson for your business in 2014.

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