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How Sports Can Inspire Entrepreneurs

January 14, 2014

Advice for small business owners and women entrepreneurs


Whether I’m watching pro football, college basketball or snowboarding, I’m intrigued by the high risk moves players perform to make the tying goal, scoring the winning point or flying higher than others to get the best score. The adrenaline from watching pro and college athletes has always motivated me to push harder in my own business pursuits. Risk and reward are universal. Athletes demonstrate how it works better than anyone.

I might lose some of my non-athletic women entrepreneurs reading this blog post today but for my followers who participate in, enjoy watching or are addicted to sports, some of the inspiration I gained watching sports recently spurred this post and hopefully will inspire you to go beyond your average limits and perform like an athlete in your company.

Here are three sport observations that might help you succeed more in business in 2014:

johnnymanzielrunning*If you watch football, you know quarterbacks either love staying in the pocket to be protected by their line so they can get the ball downfield or they love taking risks running outside protection to gain more yardage themselves. I’ve always loved the non-pocket passers, quarterbacks like John Elway, Johnny Manziel and Colin Kapernick who run the ball. For the most part they gain more than they lose. The question for you today is: Are you a pocket passer – someone who sticks in place feeling comfortable all the time to achieve their goals or a run-and-gunner who takes the risks to make things happen? Should you change how you play your game in 2014?

OBC*Observing a college basketball game can teach you that just when you think there is no way to get out of a deficit, with more speed, more accuracy, and more passion you can catch up and win. In a minute a team that is down by 6 points can come back to win a basketball game. The question for you today is: Are you giving up too easy when the chips are down? Should you be putting in 150% effort when it doesn’t seem like you’ll gain what you are trying to achieve? Could you increase your energy this year when it truly counts to get ahead in business and win?

*A staple of snowboarding is performing daring twists, turns, flips, grabs and “air” to garner more points. The tougher the tricks you add to your lineup, the higher the points you can earn. The more air time you get above the course, the more points you earn. No one is rewarded for old tricks, minor mistakes, or staying low to the ground. You have to soar to win. The question for you is have you been too scared to soar? Are you ready to fly but just haven’t taken the step? What could you add to your lineup to get noticed? 2014 could be your year to take off.

When your business day is getting too long and you need some inspiration, I hope you do what I do which is to participate in some fitness activity and then turn on ESPN and watch some talented athletes inspire you. You’ll be raring to get back to work I promise.

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  1. January 14, 2014 3:11 pm

    I absolutely LOVE sports….so I can certainly relate! I think playing and watching sports can teach us a lot about business and life in general. The importance of hard work, team work, persistence….and the list can go on and on! I just wrote a blog article on things my favorite sports movies have taught me, so you know I am serious!


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