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Wednesday Advice For Women Entrepreneurs – “Redemption”

March 13, 2013


I was excited to read a gift given to me by one of my mentors. The book was Martha Stewart’s “The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Build, or Manage a Business.” It was a book inspired during her 2004 federal prison camp period. I couldn’t wait to read it because I have always been inspired by redemption.

During Martha’s lowest period in her life behind bars, she found herself answering questions about entrepreneurship within the prison gates from incarcerated young women who had dreams of opening a business after jail. From those conversations, Martha created the outline for the book and arranged a time to speak to women interested in entrepreneurship outside the jail’s chapel. She spoke of dreams, passion, vision statements and business plans. She encouraged planning, investing, partnering and careful thoughtful research. She inspired from within.

There’s a quote that says, “It’s not how hard we are knocked down, but how quickly we stand back up again.” Martha Stewart is a good example of this quotation and so are so many women entrepreneurs I have met along my 19 year entrepreneurial journey all over the great state of New York. Sometimes entrepreneurship requires the 3 R’s – redemption, rescue and recovery especially in the face of difficulty, doubt and despair. No one, no business, no life well lived is ever free from pain and persecution. It is always, always part of the journey.

What I have always loved about women entrepreneurs is their tenacity and strength when they hit the lowest of lows. They might be down for the count for an instant, a day, a month…but they aren’t down forever. Their fighting spirit, intellect, core beliefs and pure will to do better always rises to the surface and makes them survivors.

Today’s post is to remind you that when you are living in the midst of difficulty, recovering from a major mistake, or experiencing a low point in your business life, that redemption, rescue and recovery are on their way. If women who have made major mistakes like Martha Stewart can live through the darkest days and come out fighting, we can too.

The darkest days always teach us the most important lessons about ourselves. They shape and form us and our future; so embrace them and learn from the wisdom they grant you and then move on to the next brighter period awaiting you

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  1. March 13, 2013 7:14 pm

    This is the post that I needed this week Tracy! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us. During hard weeks, it is helpful to be reminded that there even very successful people and businesses have their rough patches.


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