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Lifting Ideas From Other Companies

March 8, 2013


Business lessons can come from unlikely sources. For me it occurred yesterday at a ski resort while enjoying a late winter ski day with my sons. Although I was enjoying the beauty of the mountain views from my chairlift, the exhilarating runs down the steep mountains and the freshness of the snow beneath my skis, I also learned some valuable entrepreneurial lessons to bring back to my business today.

Entrepreneurs don’t only gain wisdom, education and success strategies from national experts, at industry conventions or by reading books; they can find wisdom simply by visiting other businesses. Entrepreneurial inspiration can be found anywhere at any time if business owners keep their eyes and ears open.

Here are a few great business reminders I took away from my adventures at the ski slope:

* Watching your bottom line in business is always important. As I waited for my son to get rental equipment, the woman ahead of us asked the rental technician if the ski resort was closing early for the season. She noticed less skiers on the slopes as March progressed. The technician said,” The owner always is weighing the daily cost of staying open as the number of people paying to ski decreases as the season draws to an end. He is always looking at the numbers to make that decision.” Lesson: Entrepreneurs should always be paying attention to the bottom line in making decisions.

* Offer the Best Even if Sales are Low. Lunch time arrived and we decided to buy soup to get warm. The woman working the counter described how they make their soup homemade daily. I said to her, “Even when you are expecting a slow business day, you still make the soup from scratch?” She said, “It doesn’t matter how many customers we expect, we always offer a high quality homemade soup to give our clients the best.” Lesson: Entrepreneurs should always be putting their best product forward on a daily basis no matter how many people are buying it.

* Make Sure Every Single Employee is Friendly – All the Time. The woman at the ticket counter, the man in the rental office and the kitchen counter woman were all very friendly. I expected the same from the ski lift operators. But to no avail, could we get the super grumpy ski lift operator to smile as 3 of us bumbled our way onto a fast moving chair. I made it a quest every time we arrived at the lift to get this guy to laugh by saying, “Here come your favorite riders.” No smile ever came. My comedic comments never shook the cold out of him. After awhile I stopped trying. Lesson: Entrepreneurs remember every employee represents your business and making your clients happy is important. Make sure you know who needs some “lifting” of their personalities within your organization to keep clients content.

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  1. Jill Bates permalink
    March 8, 2013 8:31 am

    Tracy, EXCELLENT!!!!


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