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Friday Focus: Pre-Weekend Advice for Entrepreneurs

March 15, 2013

Friday’s are a feel good day – aren’t they? They feel good because they signify the end of a hard worked business week or the end of a less than productive work week. Anyway you look at it, Fridays are great business days.

As a two decade entrepreneur, I have learned to love Fridays because they are a motivational day to address tasks or projects that got lost in the shuffle. Friday’s have become my most productive day of the week. If you are less likely to accomplish tasks on Friday, I hope my list of Friday Focus items help stimulate business ideas for you today so when Happy Hour arrives for the start of St. Patrick’s Day Weekend you are ready and proud to give up the work week and begin the weekend.

Top Friday business tasks:

* Start the day by making of a list of the top 5 tasks you never did during the week. This is your time to make those tasks a priority. Go straight down the list without skipping any of them. If you are really efficient you can add more tasks or stop work early, it’s your choice. I think you’ll end up feeling more energized to keep accomplishing items.

* Make some sales calls. I have learned people are more amenable to taking sales calls on Fridays. I think people are more relaxed on Fridays and willing to listen longer to someone calling them. Friday’s have always been my best sales day. If you are in the mood, remember to create a small script before you begin on ways your business fills a need for the customer. Start the conversation by asking them for ten minutes of their time, ask about their business first, and then explain how your business can help them. Follow the call up with action – a bill, a thank you email, or making a list of people to call back next week.

* Friday’s are a great day to handle social media marketing items you’ve neglected during the week. Write a blog post and promote it on Facebook and Twitter. Research new people to follow on Twitter and start a conversation with them. Reach out and communicate with friends on Facebook. Remember social media marketing works best if there is a dialog and conversation happening between parties.

* Look at your calendar and book a couple appointments you’ve been neglecting to book for next week or schedule attendance at one or more networking or business events in the next two weeks to jumpstart some new sales. We must get out of our offices periodically to make new economic connections. Book them now when you feel you have the time.

I hope you have a productive and enjoyable business day. After it’s over make sure you pat yourself on the back and enjoy the weekend.

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  1. March 15, 2013 9:20 am

    This was perfect Tracy; I just completed twenty prospecting calls on behalf of one of my clients; so much fun catching the executives before their day gets too hectic. Great advice, as always. Susan


  2. March 15, 2013 9:25 am

    Susan: So glad it helped! I think if we are all charged up and ready to start the weekend we can put that energy into our Friday work day and be more successful! Enjoy yours. Tracy


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