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Becoming and Promoting Yourself as an Expert in 2013

January 3, 2013

askAnExpertI opened the first email of the year from a woman entrepreneur who belongs to my company Women TIES. She asked me this question:

“Every year it seems more entrepreneurs are gaining media attention by writing for local newspapers. When I opened my paper today, I saw a new fitness expert discussing her assignment to keep readers on track for a healthier New Year, two financial advisors with a new monthly money column, and a local event planner providing festive tips for yearlong special occasions. How can I position myself as an expert?” I love the fact that this woman is starting the year off with a new and larger vision for herself. Embracing a new vision entails acknowledging what you see, learning more about what the image encompasses and making the new concept a priority.

I became an expert in the women entrepreneur’s field in 1996 when women entrepreneurship was on the rise and not many women were business owners. I had the vision to be a spokesperson for the field. I had to begin by recognizing my expertise in the area, positioning myself in the community as an authority in the subject and then letting everyone know my platform and message.

Any woman entrepreneur can start this climb to recognition by following this advice:

* Start by reviewing your resume or profile, including your education, interests and career. Clearly define what you’ve learned. Write down everything you’ve known or done within several expert fields. When you are finished, choose one or two expert areas you want to market.

* Begin growing your platform by creating main messages to communicate to your audiences. Your platform should be clear, concise and contain a call to action to generate interest in you and your expert area.

* Once your platform is established, follow the news and contact media to be a source of information in your field. Grow your following by using social media marketing to promote your platform through posts and videos. Reach out to local, state or national organizations for speaking or writing opportunities.

The New Year offers women entrepreneurs the ability to reach for higher personal and professional goals. Becoming an ‘expert’ is just one way to achieve new heights within your entrepreneurial career.

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