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“Absolutely” Great Customer Service

January 4, 2013

how_can_i_help I was on my way to an important out-of-town doctor’s appointment when I realized I left my house without important documentation from my Internist. With only twenty minutes until the appointment, I called my Internist’s office hoping someone could assist me. When the receptionist heard my urgent plea she said, “Mrs. Higginbotham of course I can fax that information to the doctors right now.” Relief washed over me.

After the appointment, I wondered how often during the business year entrepreneurs soothe their customer’s minds by saying “Absolutely I can take care of it for you right now.” A positive statement like this one might dramatically improve a customer’s day, create a loyal client for life or provide a flattering verbal testimonial for a company.

Sometimes when entrepreneurs become too consumed with running their enterprises, checking their task lists and completing urgent deadlines, they forget customers are the most important element of their business. If you’re looking for some new customer service advice for 2013, take a look at a few of my favorite policies:

* Always pick up the phone and call disgruntled customers as soon as you learn of problems. Don’t rely on email communication to solve the issue. Customers want to know someone is listening to their complaint. Although the phone call may be difficult, you’ll fix the problem more effectively by placing the call.

* Be proactive about helping customers as often as you can. A solo entrepreneur has more opportunities to know their customers better. If a business lead, new product or sales opportunity can assist a current client, reach out and provide the information to demonstrate your interest in their business success. They will remember the gesture and speak highly of your company in the community.

* Create a 100% guarantee policy on products and services. A guarantee lets your customers know they can count on your corporate promises. Delivering on what is promised and easing customer worries no matter what tells your clients you are reliable and dependable.

Remember sometimes a sincere one line statement like, “Absolutely I can do that for you right now” can make your clients feel they are your number one priority. What’s better than that?

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