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Open Space: Creating More Opportunities for A New Business Year

January 2, 2013

adviceTwo years ago, I learned a valuable lesson that is perfect for the start of a new business year.

In the middle of a medical condition, I sought advice from a therapist to make sure the condition wasn’t caused by stress. I didn’t think it was but wanted to make sure. After a couple months of soulful conversations I realized I had pulled up and forced out negative thoughts I carried with me for awhile. All of a sudden, I sensed open space inside me ready for better feelings, experiences and emotions. It was quite liberating.

What a New Year represents to me and for women entrepreneurs is the same opportunity I experienced a few years ago…the opportunity to rid oneself of negative thoughts, beliefs, and habits to open up space for better ones. The truth is you can’t shove one more pair of socks in an overstuffed drawer before it just won’t close. The only way to have the drawer work the way it was intended to work is to clean out the drawer, throw out what doesn’t belong and re-organize it, creating open space.

As women entrepreneurs we can’t embark on a brand new year – a beginning of what we hope will be our best business year yet – with overstuffed drawers, unorganized thinking or poor habits from the past. We must pull up the old, discard it and create open space for the future. If your wallet is overstuffed with receipts, your filing cabinets filled with old files, your desk full of old client folders, take the time to pull them up or clear them out and review them and then file them away to give you the valuable space you must have to start anew.

Today’s post is to inspire you to make a list of five areas – physical or mental – that need some sorting out, cleaning up or re-organizing before you start piling on work for the New Year. Give yourself the gift of clarity this week by getting organized before you jump into a disorganized pace or space. It might take the rest of this week or part of next week to do the clean up, but I promise you when you feel and visualize the open space on your desk and in your drawers, you’ll feel it in your spirit and you’ll be more energized, relaxed and powerful.

Just like the feeling of walking outside and being in wide open spaces or looking out over a calm lake, clearing your head and physical space before you embark on a new year of business adventures will give you the clarity and energy you need to truly move forward. Happy New Year!

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