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December 27, 2012

wildweather2012 will go down in record books as a wild year of weather. The country saw 28 Christmas tornados, the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, drought in the Midwestern states and torrential rains in the Northwest. What the Weather Channel does so well is prepare its viewers for upcoming weather conditions. Without the Weather Channel or local weather stations predictions, more people would drive in blizzards; die in Hurricanes and crash in horrific thunderstorms. Being prepared before we travel is just plain smart.

What is also smart – is taking time to prepare for a new business year. We could just walk into January without a plan taking our chances at experiencing stormy and sunny business horizons or we could stop for a week or two to prepare ourselves for a new business year.

Just like the weatherwomen, we can’t predict what will happen without analyzing models, watching past trends, and understanding conditions that affect our companies. We must take the time to do the analysis and planning to better prepare ourselves for the future.

Business is at a relaxed pace this week as millions of people enjoy vacations the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It is an excellent time for entrepreneurs to turn off current business duties and turn on and prepare plans and forecasts. As I prepare for another full year of regional events to bring women entrepreneurs together to market their companies, I look at surveys I collected at events in 2012 to assemble the most relevant topics and program to answer their direct needs.

Today’s post is to inspire you to take the rest of this “holiday break” – while the phones aren’t ringing as much and website hits are down – to analyze your business last year and to properly plan for 2013. You might need more time in January to revise your official business plan or conduct final analysis on monetary plans but at least you can begin now preparing for a more successful new year.

Anytime you listen to the Weather Channel this week, I hope you are reminded that being prepared and forecasting properly will ensure an easier and clearer travel plan for your corporate future.

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