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Celebrating Business Milestones and Customers At the Same Time

November 26, 2012

A long time business associate called me seeking advice on ways to celebrate her company’s twentieth anniversary since I have owned Five Star Events since 1995.  She wasn’t interested in hosting the traditional anniversary party with confetti, cake and champagne instead she wanted to use public relations to celebrate the occasion.  She wanted to find a way to thank clients while at the same time highlighting various corporate services she has performed for clients over two decades.

Women entrepreneurs should never overlook anniversaries without announcing the milestone in some way to gain publicity for their business.  For decades, companies have used holidays and corporate anniversaries to advertise specials and market products.  Here are some public relations and marketing tips to use if you have a business milestone approaching:

  • First, traditional media is a great first source for announcing special occasions. Consider placing a weekly advertisement in your local media announcing your anniversary and highlighting a specific customer each week or month for a year. Each advertisement could list your client name with their logo and website address. Make sure to send them a copy with a hand written thank you note once it is promoted.
  •  Second, if you have a popular website place a small banner advertisement about a different customer each month on your homepage. Choose twelve customers and send a letter thanking them for their years of service and your interest in promoting them on your homepage. Make the advertisement link to the customer’s website to help drive traffic to their business.
  • Third, use social media marketing to highlight customers too. If you have more than twelve customers to thank, choose another twelve to promote monthly on your blog and social media marketing channels.  Include the same information as you would in a banner advertisement.

 Celebrating your clients on your anniversary is like raising a glass to toast your spouse on a special night. Successful businesses, like happy marriages, are hard work – and every once in awhile it is important to recognize that you didn’t get there alone

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