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Times Square Sales

November 21, 2012

We rose up out of the subway the busiest place on earth, Times Square in New York City. Thousands of people were moving in all directions. The energy was palpable. Lights were flashing, horns were honking, and the flow of the crowd enveloped you and forced you down the sidewalk like you were on a conveyor belt.

As we slipped into the first store trying to get out of the tsunami crowd, we took a breath and looked around. In this regular size retail store were at least 20 salespeople ready to “service” us. We were “the sale” and they were prepared to greet, meet, ask, help, show and deliver us to the sales counter. The approach was more enthusiastic than forceful. It was more upbeat than annoying. It was prepared readiness to make the most of every single possible sales opportunity that entered their doors. As we left that store and went to the next one, we found the same thing.

It’s hard to imagine an “upstate” business working the way a Times Square retail store would since the crowds aren’t always pouring in due to location. So what lessons can a business, not located in the largest metropolitan world with the hottest traffic flow, implement in their business to make it more successful? For one thing, your existence must be more focused on sales.

If we own a sustainable business with happy customers and relatively good sales, why aren’t we hitting higher revenue goals? I think it’s because we don’t focus enough attention on sales. We either don’t have enough sales staff to sell for us or we aren’t intense enough about the sales process to make it a priority. Other responsibilities get in the way. But imagine how much money the Times Square businesses would lose every day if they didn’t prepare to sell and to sell really well.

Today’s blog post  is to inspire you to make sales a number one priority for your business from Black Friday to the New Year and into 2013 to increase your revenue potential. I know you own a fantastic business. I know it isn’t located in Times Square. But could you use additional sales staff, some sales incentive and more focused attention on sales to finally hit larger revenue goals?

I hope you are thankful this holiday for the business you have grown and developed because you have done a great job to this point. I hope when Friday comes you think about how to turn your own enterprise into a hustling, bustling New York Times type of enterprise capturing more revenue than you thought possible.

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